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1. Registration is now open for the 4th Annual “Parents Make a Difference Conference: Navigating the system”.
This conference is being held on Saturday, November 13, 2010 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Earl Haig Secondary School. Parent and School Council members to register soon as space is limited.
For the full brochure and the flyer in multiple languages visit: and select Parent Conference. You can access the Conference page directly at
 2. The TDSB Continuing Education Department, in partnership with EduTravel, is offering an exciting opportunity for students to study and earn credits while they travel. Our March Break trip offers students a chance to earn a credit in Civics or Careers or an integrated Civics and Careers credit. The Summer School 2011 program offers students a variety of destinations and courses at very affordable prices. For more information visit the EduTravel website at

Please go to the website link ( to see the colour poster or to the main site, Credits successfully earned will be awarded by TDSB Continuing Education. All programs will be taught by TDSB teachers. Students won’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity to learn on the road!
3. Good oral health is important to kids’ overall health. Yet, for some, regular dental care may not be affordable. Healthy Smiles Ontario is a new program for students 17 and under who do not have access to any form of dental coverage. If eligible, they will get regular dental services at no cost.

Students 17 and under may be eligible if:
• They are residents of Ontario;
• They are members of a household with an Adjusted Family Net Income of  $20,000 per year or below; and,
• They do not have access to any form of dental coverage (including other government-funded programs, like Ontario Works).
Information is available at
 4. The Toronto Educational Opportunity Fund (TEOF) 18th Annual "Don't Forget to Feed the Kids" Auction will be held on Friday, November 19 starting at 5:30 p.m. (viewing) followed by a dinner (6:30 p.m.). All details are available on the flyer.
Peggy Aitchison
Forest Hill Collegiate
416 393-1860 x 20010


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1. We have heard too many stories recently of young people who are involved in serious incidents, usually involving bad judgement, for which they pay a too great a price.
You may be happy to hear of an initiative undertaken by one of our students to make a positive difference in the lives of others. This clip was broadcast last night.

2. Parents of senior students may wish to attend the information session offered by McGill University, Concordia University and Bishop’s University. The session will be held at Northern Secondary School on Thursday, Oct. 21 at 7:00pm. Interested students and parents are welcome to attend. Please note that is the same evening as our Parent-Teacher interviews, so you might wish to book your interviews in the afternoon if you plan to attend this program.

3. If your child is having difficult interactions with other students in the school, please confide in me and let me help. Although you or your child may believe otherwise, these difficult situations usually don't get better on their own. Often they build up and build up until one person lashes out, often with very severe consequences. I am an expert at working things out without making things worse. At FHCI, we are united in our commitment to fostering an atmosphere where students feel valued and look forward to coming to school. I want that for each person who spends the day at FHCI. I am here to help.

4. If you are looking for an enjoyable and thought-provoking way of passing about five minutes, you might enjoy this video with one person's philosophy about "Changing Education Paradigms".
 Peggy Aitchison
Forest Hill Collegiate
416 393-1860 x 20010


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1. Graduation
Our annual commencement on Friday, October 8, was a wonderful afternoon of reunion and celebration for graduates, families, teachers and staff. The grads seemed all grown up and looked very scholarly in their caps and gowns. The weather was perfect for our post-commencement reception in the courtyard. For parents of students in grade 9, I assure you that your turn to sit in the audience and cheer on your grad will come all too quickly.
2. Academic Awards Assembly
We had an enthusiastic audience of Grade 10, 11 and 12 students Wednesday October 13, gathered to celebrate the achievement of students who’d earned top marks in their Grade 9, 10 and 11 courses last year. There was lots of cheering and ‘shout outs’ for the award winners. We followed the assembly with a reception in our 3rd floor art gallery where the award winners helped us polish off delicious cake, baked in their honour.
3. Grade 9 Geography Trip to Crawford Lake
On October 20, the Grade 9 Geography classes will be embarking on a full day hike through the majestic Niagara Escarpment and Crawford Lake Conservation Area.  While on this fieldtrip, students will learn about the history of the area, its people, and the geological processes that shaped this unique landscape (hint: it has something to do with glaciers). The teachers advise that each student bring a packed lunch, a sturdy pair of hiking shoes and a camera to capture the fall colours at their peak! The students can look forward to a great experience with the amazing field study guides at Crawford Lake. If you haven’t signed and returned the field trip permission form, please do that tonight and return the form tomorrow.
4. Club Fair
In order to allow the Grade 9 Semester 1 Geography students the chance to participate in the Club Fair, we have rescheduled the Club Fair to Tuesday, October 19. The location and time remain the same: Front foyer, now known as the Massey Foyer, at lunch.
5. Interim Report Cards
All students present on Thursday afternoon will receive their interim progress report card. The report cards will be distributed through home form teachers at the end of the school day. Students who are not at school on Thursday afternoon may pick up their report cards on Friday morning at the main office.
Along with the report cards, students will bring home interview request forms for you to use to book appointments with teachers for the upcoming Parent-Teacher interviews. Instructions are on the form. I have also attached an Interview Request Form to this email.
If you aren’t able to attend either the afternoon interview session or the evening interview session, and would like to speak to the teacher, please call the school office and ask/leave a message for the teacher to call you.
6. Students leaving during the school day
Please remind your child that if s/he wishes to leave the school and will miss class time, your child must come to the office to ‘sign out’. We will always attempt to contact a parent for permission for the child to leave. We put a high premium on in-class time, and want to maximize the in-class experience for all students. If a student is too sick to remain in class, then we must contact a parent/guardian for the sake of a student’s health and safety.
Peggy Aitchison
Forest Hill Collegiate
416 393-1860 x 20010


Post-secondary program
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To Parents/Guardians in the FHCI Community:
1. Two nights ago we held an information session about the process students follow for applying to post-secondary programs at colleges and universities. Mr. Israelovitch, one of our Guidance Counsellors, was the presenter. The feedback from the audience was they found the presentation clear and very insightful.
If you would like to see the PowerPoint presentation on which Mr. Israelovitch based his talk, you can access it on the Forest Hill website at uder Guidance menu
2. This is a reminder that we have an early dismissal tomorrow for graduation. Please ensure that your child attends classes tomorrow. It is important that students attend their classes regardless of special schedules or special events which involve others.
3. Parents of Grade 9 students taking Geography in Semester 1 will soon receive information from me about the upcoming field study trip for all Semester 1 Grade 9 Geography. This trip has been very popular with Grade 9 students since it was initiated two years ago.
4. All parents of Grade 9 students will also soon receive information from me about “Take Our Kids to Work Day” on Wednesday, November 3. You can get a preview of the program at under ‘Innovative Programs’. We will work with students and parents to ensure all Grade 9 students can participate in the program.
5. Wednesday, October 13 is the Academic Awards Assembly in which we recognize students who received the top marks in Grade 9, 10, 11 subjects in 2009-2010.
6. Interim Progress Reports will be issued to all students at the end of the day on Thursday, October 14.
Peggy Aitchison
Forest Hill Collegiate
416 393-1860 x 20010


What is happening this week and next at FHCI?
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1. Markbook printouts
Between Monday and Friday this week, your child will receive a ‘Markbook Printout’ from each teacher showing all marks s/he received to the date of the printout. The printout also shows the average mark on the evaluation for the rest of the students in the course.  Please review the printouts to ensure they correspond to work your child has brought home for you to see since the beginning of September.
2. “What’s next after FHCI?”
Wednesday, October 6 at 7:00 p.m.
Information Session for Parents about the Post-Secondary Application Process for College and University.  All parents are invited to attend. The focus will be on students in Grade 11 and 12 who are applying this year or will be applying for university or college next year. Topics include:
·        University: Admission Requirements, Admission Requirements
                – Myths, Application Process, Out-of-province Applications (Canada),
                -  Out-of Province Applications (U.S.A.)    
·        College: Admission Requirements, Application Process      
·        Students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP)
·        Financial Aid/Scholarships
·        What now?
·        Questions & Answers
3. Graduation
Friday, October 8 at 2:00 p.m.
Our grads return for their formal commencement ceremony on Friday. Classes end at noon to allow us to prepare for this very special event.
Looking ahead to October 11 to October 15
 1. October 11
No classes. The school will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.
 2. October 13
Academic Awards Assembly
Students in Grade 10, 11 and 12 will join us for the annual academic awards assembly. In the assembly we honour students currently at FHCI who achieved the top mark in one or more subjects last year. The ‘top mark’ students will then be invited to a reception in the 3rd floor art gallery following the assembly. I will notify parents and students who are to be honoured. While parents are welcome at the assembly, the primary audience is students. Grade 9 students will remain in classes.
 3. October 14
Progress Reports
On Thursday, October 14 students will receive their interim progress report cards to take home to parents along with information about how to book a parent-teacher interview time for Thursday, October 21.


Wednesday September 15, 2010 - Grade 9 Curriculum Night
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Grade 9 Curriculum Night takes place Wednesday September 15 at 6:45pm.
6:45                 Auditorium - Welcome & Introductions             Peggy Aitchison
7:00                 Department Displays/Meet and Greet                Teaching Staff              
                        Coffee and Refreshments


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Rugby Raffle Winners for July, August and September
July - Loberg Family
August- Menaka Shanmuganantha
September - Bob Busch


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Congratulations to Tony Chapman.  He's this months winner of the rugby raffle!


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Although we at FHCI are not directly affected by the G20 Summit, I wanted to bring this letter to your attention:
FROM: CHRIS SPENCE, Director of Education
June 2010
Dear Parent/Guardian:
On June 26th and 27th, the G20 Summit, which convenes world leaders to discuss international economic cooperation, will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto.
As educators, we recognize that the G20 Summit is an incredible teaching and learning opportunity for our students. Resources will be made available to schools to support learning on topics like world peace, the global community and the importance and value of democracy for all citizens around the globe.
A special G20 Integrated Security Unit (ISU) consisting of teams from various police services and the Canadian Forces has been created to ensure the safety of the international Summit attendees, other visitors and those who live and work in the community.
In advance of the Summit, the Security Unit has set up security zones surrounding the Summit venue which will result in traffic restrictions, delays and road closures. Along with potential public demonstrations in downtown Toronto there may be an indirect impact on our schools located within an area identified by the Board.
Schools in the general area close to the Summit venue will receive a second letter in the coming weeks.
The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has a team in place and we have been working closely with the Security Unit to minimize the potential impact of their security operations on our schools.
We are committed to keeping all our staff, students, parents and school communities informed. If you have any questions on how this may impact your child/children, please contact your school principal directly.
For additional information please visit our website at
Chris Spence
Director of Education


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1. Athletic Awards Banquet
The 2009-2010 Annual FHCI Athletic Awards Banquet takes place on Wednesday, June 9 at “Philthy McNasty's Restaurant,” located is at 130 Eglinton Avenue East, between Yonge and Mt. Pleasant. The banquet is open to all students and staff at FHCI. Anyone who played on a team or was manager/assistant for an FHCI team is especially invited to attend.

Arrival time is between 5:15 and 5:45PM, with a buffet dinner starting at 6:00PM.  MVP for each team and Athlete of the Year awards will take place after dinner, along with draw prizes.  The banquet and prize giving should end by 9:00PM.

Tickets may be purchased at school from the Athletic Council at a cost of $15.00.  A limited number of tickets will be sold at the door for $20.00.

Here is a link to the map:
Google Maps

2. “Circus” Video
The videographer for our one-of-a-kind production of “Circus” has produced a video of the performance. Students may pre-order copies of the DVD for $15. Order forms are on the counter in the main office. Please don’t miss out on getting your copy of this unforgettable musical.

3. Thank you for the “TDSB Parent/Caregiver Satisfaction Survey“ response
A few weeks ago I requested that you complete the online TDSB Parent/Caregiver Satisfaction Survey. The survey has now ended and while we did not win the prize of pizza for the staff by having the highest percentage of responses [is that better for our waistlines?], we did have 334 of 983 parents complete the survey. Thank you to all of you who took the time to fill out the survey. Out of interest, I will try to find out how our response rate compared with other TDSB high schools and let you know.

Peggy Aitchison
Forest Hill Collegiate
416 393-1860 x 20010



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