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Culminating Activities
Submitted Submitted by Aneta Costin on Tue, 01/15/2013 - 09:14

1. Participation of students in culminating activities. Materials ready for submission.
Students are required to be at school to participate in culminating activities and final exams according to the schedules that students received and I emailed home to parents/guardians. Students must bring all required materials with them to class as outlined by their teachers for the culminating activities. As we moved into presentations, etc., today, we have encountered several students who did not bring the required material with them. Please understand that culminating activities carry the same weight and responsibilities as final exams. Please review the specific culminating activity requirements with your child now and again on the day(s) your child has a culminating activity scheduled so you can be sure your child gets full credit for work complete. Late work cannot be accepted for culminating activities.


2. Absence from a culminating activity or final exam
Students are very rarely absent from end-of-course evaluations. The schedules I sent included instructions for addressing a student’s absence from a culminating activity or final exam. Please ensure you follow those steps in the unlikely event your child is absent for a culminating activity or final exam. If you child is too sick to participate in an evaluation (culminating activity or final examination):
·  Phone the school (416) 393-1860 before the evaluation is written. It is important that the office receive notification prior to the evaluation.
·  Obtain a Missed Evaluation Procedures Form from the Main Office.
·  Complete all necessary documentation including verification by a medical doctor who signs the Missed Evaluation Procedures form.
·  Submit the above form(s) to Mr. Vanek or Ms. Forster within two school days.



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