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Semester 2
Submitted Submitted by Aneta Costin on Mon, 02/04/2013 - 11:41

1. Start Up for Semester 2
On Monday we will be holding school-wide assemblies to kick-off Semester 2. I will use that time to share the achievement results of Semester 1. 
Part of my message to returning students will be the requirement that they use only the locker assigned to them in September. The information that students receive when they get their locker assignment clearly says that students may only use the locker assigned to them and none other.  When new students arrive, we issue them lockers based on our list of vacant lockers. When possessions are missing or a combination forgotten, we can only access the locker that has been assigned to the student. Please check with your child this evening about locker usage and ensure your child is in the assigned locker. If you need me to check our records for that assignment, please let me know. After noon tomorrow, locks will be removed from lockers not assigned to the current ‘occupant.’ Thanks for your help with that.
On Tuesday we will have a meeting with all students new to FHCI this semester so they can meet some of the key people at the school who will help them make a smooth transition to FHCI.
2. Report Cards Issued February 5
Report cards will be issued to students immediately before the end of the school day on Tuesday to ensure that reports get delivered to parents/guardians on Tuesday evening. For students who are unable to be at school on Tuesday, reports will be available from Semester 2 Home Form teachers on Wednesday.
When I reviewed the student results for the semester, I was very pleased to see that the academic achievement level remains high with an overall average mark of 77%. That is up by 3% over a few years ago. I was also pleased to see the average number of classes missed by students in each class fell to only five. That is down from an average of about nine classes a few years ago. We continue to see a close connection between consistent attendance and strong achievement.
With each Ministry report, I send letters to full-time students (three or four courses in the semester) with outstanding achievement, improvement from their November report average, and/or exemplary attendance. This semester, I will be issuing 368 Achievement letters, 316 Improvement letters, and 305 Exemplary Attendance letters. In total, 607 students will receive one or more letters, with 79 students receiving all three. In addition to receiving letters, the student names will be included on the Principal’s List, which will be posted outside the Main Office.
When you receive your child’s report card, please review all components of the report to see where congratulations are in order and/or where renewed emphasis needs to be placed. In addition to your child’s marks, you will see the median mark for your child’s classes as well as total absences and lates for your child in each class. For comparison, across the school, the average absence per class is five and the average lates is three. Please note the teachers’ comment and assessment of your child’s learning skills. A mark of exactly 50% means your child’s mark was below 50% and the teacher increased the mark out of consideration for your child’s learning profile in the course.  If you have questions about the report card, please contact me.
3.  Course Selection Process
On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, students will come to assemblies by grade to hear about the process for selecting courses for 2013-2014. I will be sending home further information about ‘My Blueprint,’ the online program students will use to choose their courses. Students will select their courses, print their course selection list, have the list signed by parent/guardian for approval, and then submit the list to Guidance.
Normally the best predictor of success in the next grade’s course in a subject is determined by performance in the current or previous courses. The provincial standard for achievement in a course is 70%. Most courses are offered at two or three levels: Essential/Applied/Academic, College/Mixed/University. If your child is far below the provincial standard (less than 60%), then success at that level in the next course will be increasingly difficult to achieve. In that case, you would benefit from speaking to one of our counselors about the best course choices for your child. The counselors will work with you to ensure the course choices you are making will set up your child for on-going success.
4. Looking ahead…
• Tuesday, February 12: School Council Meeting (Agenda to follow)
• Thursday, February 14: Black History Month Assemblies; Lunar New Year Banquet (more info to follow shortly about this annual FHCI banquet)
• Friday, February 15: Professional Activity Day for TDSB high schools, no classes
• Monday, February 18: Family Day in Ontario, no classes
5. Student Voice – Minister's Student Advisory Council
The Minister's Student Advisory Council is a group of sixty students from all parts of the education system and regions of the province.
Members share their ideas and advice with the Minister of Education on how to ensure Ontario's schools remain the best in the world. The council is about empowering youth to 'be the change.' Council members think big, SpeakUp and take action to help other students across the province. They share perspectives and act as change agents by expressing their views directly to the Minister of Education.

If your child is interested in applying for a spot on the Minister’s Student Advisory Council, you can find full information at  The application deadline is March 1, 2013.


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