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Looking Ahead
Submitted Submitted by Aneta Costin on Mon, 03/04/2013 - 10:38

1. Markbook printouts delivered last week
You should have received a Markbook printout for each of your child’s classes sometime during this week. I know a few teachers will be giving out printouts on Monday, so they can include an assessment from this week, but all the other teachers gave them out this week.
The results are based on the first month of the semester and there are four months yet to go, so please view the results in that light. If you have concerns about your child’s early, initial results, please contact the teacher.
2. Progress Reports distributed this coming week
On Wednesday, March 5 students will bring home their Semester 2 Progress Reports. These reports will show Excellent, Good, Satisfactory, or Unsatisfactory progress in each subject. The progress report will include information about booking an interview appointment with teachers for Parent/Guardian-Teacher interviews on Thursday, March 21 in both the afternoon and the evening. Interviews are five minutes each. If you want more time to discuss progress with a teacher, you are invited to have a second meeting outside the Parent/Guardian-Teacher schedule.
3.  Four-Year Secondary School Program – Thirty-four credit Threshold
I am attaching information from the Ministry of Education with frequently-asked questions about the 34-credit threshold to be implemented in September 2013 for students in Ontario high schools. There will be no charge to students who wish to take more than 34 credits. The parameters about the new policy are outlined in detail in the attachment including the credits that are included on a student’s transcript but not in the 34-credit threshold. If you read through the attachment and have questions, please contact me and we can go over the document together.
4. Dropping off students in the morning
We have a small parking lot on the east side of Mayfair, just north of Eglinton. That lot is reserved for staff parking only. Parents who pull into the lot to drop of students create a difficulty for staff waiting to access the lot. If you are dropping off students on Mayfair, please pull up to the stop sign further down the block or at the pathway south of the small lot that leads directly into the school. This will speed up everyone’s trip in the morning. I appreciate your help with this.
Looking ahead…
5. March Break, no classes, March 11 to 15.
Full classes will be held through to the end of day on Friday, March 8. If you receive a report that March 8 will be a movie day in all class, you will have been misinformed.
6. School Council Meeting, March 20
7. Parent/Guardian-Teacher Interviews, March 21
8. Late Opening, March 22



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