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1. Hillstock
Last week, when I gave the date for Hillstock, I mistakenly announced a date in February. Who knew when I wrote that misinformation that today, the real day, would feel like February?! Despite the chilly weather, today’s event was great fun. The games outside soon moved inside where students were signing each other’s yearbooks and listening to the band and singing performances. Hillstock is an FHCI tradition that predates all of us. Reading those yearbook comments years from now will bring back a flood of happy FHCI memories.
2. Prom
Some of those memories, for the senior students, will include last night’s prom. The boys were very handsome and the girls looked quite sophisticated. It was a wonderful evening, despite the cold, damp weather. The room was beautiful and the food was terrific. We are all indebted to Ms. Halas and her organizing crew for a superb evening.
3. Exam Schedule
I am attaching the June exam schedule. Please post the schedule with your child’s exam dates and times highlighted. Please read over the rules for exams. We have no  wiggle room for students who don’t follow those directions. I regret that we are unable to alter the exam schedule to fit family or personal plans.
4. Culminating Activities
Please review the rules that came with the Culminating Activities schedule. CAs begin on Monday.
5. 30% End of Course Mark
In the remaining days of this school year, students will be earning 30% of their final marks.  I don’t want any student to be at a disadvantage because of not following the rules around these evaluations. Over the next few weeks, be sure your child is making course work and studying a priority.
6. Last Day to Drop a Course
Monday is the last day for students to drop a course and have the course show as ‘Incomplete’ on their Credit Counselling Summary. After Monday, all students registered in a course will get a final completion mark in the course.
7. Late Start
We will have a Late Start on Tuesday for the monthly staff meeting. At that meeting will be hearing about ‘return to school’ support plans for students who have suffered a concussion.
8. Award Applications
Many awards require a student to make application for the award. The deadline to submit such an application is Friday, May 31. Students may receive further information through Guidance.
Looking ahead…
9. Grad Breakfast, June 7
Grads should watch for an email invitation from me to the annual FHCI Grad Breakfast. Servers are the 2013-2014 Prefects. This is a lovely occasion for teachers and students to gather and share memories built up over the last four years at FHCI.
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