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End of Year
Submitted Submitted by Aneta Costin on Thu, 06/27/2013 - 08:01

What FHCI parents/guardians need to know for June 27 and June 28:

1. Thursday, June 27…30% End-of-course Mark Review
Pd 1 9:00-9:25
Pd 2 9:30-10:00
Pd 3 10:05-10:30
Pd 4 10:35-11:00
Only students and teachers participate in 30% End-of-course Mark Review. The purpose is to ensure all of the end-of-course evaluation has been marked and correctly included.
If a student is unable to attend the 30% End-of-course Mark Review on Thursday, the student has an opportunity to review the end-of-course evaluation data at a later date. All marks for a course and final exams are retained in the school for 12 months. Students can arrange for exam review in early September.
2. Thursday, June 27…Summer School sign up deadline, 12:00 noon
All students wishing to attend TDSB summer school must have registered and returned their signed permission form by 12:00 noon
3. Thursday, June 27…Return of textbooks and library books
All borrowed or issued books must be returned by 4:00 PM on Thursday in order for us to prepare and mail the final report card.
4. Thursday, June 27…Lockers empty
Starting at 4:00 on Thursday, the caretakers will commence their full-school clean up by removing left over locks. Please ensure your child empties the locker and removes the lock before leaving on Thursday.
5. Friday, June 28…Report cards mailed
Once marks are finalized, we will print report cards for students who do not have textbooks or library books to hand in. If our process runs smoothly, we will have the reports to the mailbox by the end of the day on Friday. If that is the case, you can expect delivery of the report card between July 2 and July 12. If you think we might have an out-of-date address for you, please send your child to the office tomorrow with proof of address change and we will update or records for Friday’s mailing. I will provide further information about school overall results on Friday.
For students unable to attend the end-of-course evaluation mark review on Thursday and who want to calculate the end-of-course mark..
For students who will not be present on Thursday: to calculate the 30% end of course mark:
1. Multiply your term mark out of 100 times 0.7
2. Subtract that mark from your final report card mark
3. The result is the mark you received out of 30 on the end-of-course evaluation (s)
If you have any questions about the year end, please contact me.
Peggy Aitchison
Principal, Forest Hill Collegiate Institute
730 Eglinton Ave W
Toronto, ON  M5N 1B9
Home of the Falcons, award winning scholars, athletes and performers
416 393-1860 x 20010


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