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 Special Opportunity for FHCI students:
This invitation comes from Michael Colle, MPP for Eglinton-Lawrence:
“The Legislative Assembly of Ontario is holding its inaugural 3-day Model Parliament Program for students in grades 9 to 12 from February 19-21, 2014. This new and exciting initiative brings together Ontario high school students representing all 107 provincial ridings who are interested in current affairs, provincial issues and government.
“We are seeking applications from interested students in your riding to participate in this program. Additional information and the online application is available on our website at The deadline to register is November 30, 2013. If you have any questions about the Model Parliament Program, please call Parliamentary Protocol and Public Relations at 416-325-0061.”


The week past…
1. Wednesday, November 6
Wednesday was a very special day at FHCI! First, our Grade 9 students learned first hand about the world of work as they participated in ‘Take Our Kids to Work,” a program where students attend work with a parent or family friend.
On Wednesday we also held our annual Academic Awards Assembly where we honoured the students who earned the top mark in each of the Grade 9-11 courses. It was wonderful to have so many family members join us for the assembly.
In the afternoon, reviewing the mid-semester report cards, I was so pleased to see that overall the students and teachers maintained the high standards they have set for student achievement. That led to producing recognition letters for more than two-thirds of the students in the school.
Then in the evening, I joined Ms. Simas, Ms. Dalamba and their music students for a delightful evening of strings and vocal music. The intimate venue of the vocal music room meant the audience had a strong connection with the musicians.
What a great day!
2. Mid-semester reports—have you seen your child’s? A few reports are still in the office, waiting for pick up. If your child has not brought home the report card, please ensure you receive it on Monday. 
This week at FHCI…
3. Remembrance Day Assembly: Monday, November 11
On Monday we will hold our Remembrance Day Assemblies. We hold two assemblies because of the limited seating in our auditorium. The assembly for Grade 9 and 10 students begins at 9:05 and the assembly for Grade 11 and 12 students is at 10:10. Parents/guardians are welcome to join us for this assembly of tribute and remembrance.
4. Full-disclosure deadline for Grade 11 and Grade 12 Courses: Thursday, November 14
From the Ontario Student Transcript Manual:
“For Grade 11 and 12 courses only:
“If a student withdraws from a Grade 11 or Grade 12 course within five instructional days following the issue of the first provincial report card, the withdrawal is not recorded on the Ontario Student Transcript.
“If a student withdraws from a course after five instructional days following the issue of the first provincial report card, the withdrawal is recorded on the Ontario Student Transcript by entering a “W” in the “Credit” column. The student’s percentage grade at the time of the withdrawal is recorded in the “Percentage Grade” column.”
Since we issued our first provincial report card on November 7, the withdrawal deadline at FHCI for Grade 11 and Grade 12 courses without an entry on the student’s transcript is Thursday, November 14.
There is no transcript withdrawal deadline for Grade 9 and Grade 10 courses. The only Grade 9 and Grade 10 courses that show on a student’s transcript are those in which the student earns a credit. Courses in which the student does not earn the credit are not shown.
5. Professional Activity Day: Friday, November 15
There will be no classes on Friday to allow staff to attend professional development activities.
Looking ahead…
6. Building Bridges: Tuesday, November 19
This is a special evening for parents/guardians/students who are or have been in our English Language Learner program. If your child is or has been enrolled in an ESL course, and you haven’t replied to the invitation, please do so as soon as you can. Part of the evening will be a presentation on the pathways that unfold after high school.
7. Coffee House: Thursday, November 21

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