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Submitted Submitted by Aneta Costin on Thu, 11/14/2013 - 11:40

As you are already well aware, a terrible disaster struck the Philippines last Thursday. Typhoon Haiya has devastated the central Philippines and the death toll is expected to reach 2,000. 

The devastation across the country is unimaginable. Many of the people in the Philippine have lost everything and are now waiting for aid in terrible conditions. Many are hurt, without food, clean water, adequate clothing or shelter. Cities, towns, villages have been destroyed. These people desperately need our help.

Forest Hill is lucky to be home to a thriving Filipino community. We have the opportunity now to help our Filipino community by donating money to the relief effort. Donations will be accepted tomorrow and into next week at FHCI. The Canadian government is matching money donations. We will begin collecting donations from 8:15 am tomorrow until 4pm in the main foyer and in the main office. Those donations will go to the UNICEF Philippines Relief who has pledged to triple donations received. 

While money donations have the greatest impact, just around the corner from our school, Our Lady of the Assumption Church has already begun a massive collection of food, clothing and supplies to send directly overseas. The church has secured the pledge of free transport of their collections and they expect to send their shipment at the end of the week. Tomorrow is the last day of school this week. Any donations that you make tomorrow we will deliver to the church in time for this weekend's shipment. Students may also bring donations on Friday.

The pastor of Our Lady of the Assumption Church has provide the following list of items of need:
• Canned goods
• Unopened containers of rice and grains.
• Clean and usable dry goods: blankets, clothing, bed sheets, tarpaulin, footwear, etc.
• Over-the-counter pain medications and antibiotic creams that have not expired
• Wound dressings

Thank you for your support. Our thoughts go out to the people of the Philippines.

The FHCI Social Action Team.


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