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Submitted Submitted by Aneta Costin on Thu, 04/24/2014 - 07:22

 1. Report cards issued April 17
Please ensure you have seen your child’s report card and reviewed the marks, comments, attendance and learning skills as reported by the teachers. Congratulations to the 392 full-time students who achieved an average of at least 80%; the 400 full-time students who improved their achievement over the January report card; and the 396 full-time students who demonstrated exemplary attendance to this point in the semester. Congratulations to the 638students who received one or more letters of commendation for these achievements.
Through the hard work of students and their teachers, achievement school-wide has increased again. The average mark school-wide on this report card was78%, the highest it has ever been. This is a wonderful accomplishment. Attendance remains excellent school-wide with the average number of absences per classes just 3 and the average number of lates per class only 1.
If you have concerns about your child’s progress, please don’t hesitate to contact the teacher, guidance counsellor, vice principal or me.
2. Hair: Thursday, April 24 and Friday, April 25
Hair, the ground-breaking musical, tells the story of the "tribe", a group of politically active, long-haired hippies of the "Age of Aquarius," living a bohemian life in New York City and fighting against conscription into the Vietnam War. The FHCI production of Hair opens on Thursday and closes on Friday—enjoying a short but powerful two-day run. I guarantee you will enjoy seeing the product of months of hard work by the cast, crew and staff director, Ms. Dalamba. Tickets are $10, available at the door. The curtain rises both nights at 7:30 PM. We have a seat saved for you!
3. Course change requests for 2014-2015
Counsellors are meeting this week with students who requested courses not subsequently scheduled at FHCI for 2014-2015 but offered to our students through e-Learning. There is a deadline for students to register for these specific e-Learning courses which is why the meetings are happening now. Other requests for course changes will be addressed later in the spring.
Looking ahead…
4. Last day to drop Grade 11 or 12 Course without full disclosure: Monday, April 28
Any Grade 11 or 12 course on a student’s timetable after Monday, April 28, will be listed on the student’s transcript. This ‘full disclosure drop date’ is set by Ministry regulation. To drop a course, the student must receive a drop sheet from Guidance, have it signed by the teacher (having returned the book) and parent/guardian, then return the sheet to Guidance.


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