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 All returning students should now have their 2014-2015 timetables. Please note the message on the timetable that all change requests must be completed by 12:00 noon on Thursday, August 28. Our counsellors will be available on Monday, June 23 to process change requests (where possible) and then again during the last week of August up to August 28. The counsellors have been processing timetable change requests all week and some classes are at the maximum class size allowed. The counsellors have set up wait lists for those classes.
This coming week at FHCI…
1. Lockers Emptied: 12:00 noon on Thursday, June 26
All students must have their lockers emptied and the lock removed by the end of the day on Thursday, June 26. After that, the caretakers will begin their cleaning of lockers to have them ready for next year’s students. Please ensure that your child has emptied the locker and removed the lock by noon on Thursday.
2. Final Evaluation Review Morning: Thursday, June 26
Students will have the opportunity to participate in final evaluation review (culminating activity and/or final exam) on Thursday, June 26 according to an abbreviated Day 1 schedule:
               DAY 1
A     9:00     -     9:20
B     9:25     -     9:45
C     9:50     -     10:10
D     10:15   -     10:35
Final Evaluation Review Procedures:
·            Students may ask their teacher to re-calculate the exam mark if:
1.     An answer which is proven to be correct (factual) has been marked incorrect through genuine error.
2.     There has been an arithmetic error in adding up the marks on the examination paper.
·            Exam papers will not be remarked during the final evaluation review in-class period. If a student disagrees with the teacher’s marking, the student and teacher may meet with the Curriculum/Assistant Curriculum Leader after the final evaluation review in-class period to determine whether a marking error has been made.
·            All other issues concerning final evaluations should be directed to a Vice-Principal.
·            Examination papers will remain with the teacher. They will be retained in the school for one year.
·            Parents/guardians who wish to review their child’s examination papers may do so through arrangement with a Vice-Principal.
3. Final Marks: Thursday, June 26
Marks will be finalized following final evaluation review. Teachers will review term marks and determine a term mark that reflects the more recent, most consistent level of achievement over the semester, not including culminating activity or exam marks. The final mark is made up of that term mark (70%) and the final evaluation mark (30%). Because teachers use their professional judgement in arriving at the term mark prior to submitting the final course mark, there are no further changes to final marks. We do not change final marks based on student requests.
4. Achievement Reports Mailed: Friday, June 27
Report cards for all students will be put in the mail at the end of the day on Friday, June 27. If you have a new address that we have not received, please provide the updated address to the office staff now so your mailing address will be correct for next week’s mailing. Please contact me after July 7 if you have not received the report card envelope.
Looking ahead to July and August…
5. Assistance during July and August
Our school office is open through to July 29 as Ms. Papadopoulos and I are here for summer school. The office staff and administration return on August 18. The counselors are here to provide assistance from August 25 to August 28.
6. Return to school: September 2, 2014
School resumes on September 2. Finalized timetable pick up, SIP payment ($50), and locker assignments will all occur during the last week of August and the first day of school. I will send details about that well in advance of August 25.
7. Save the Date for Grade 12 Graduation/Commencement: Friday, October 10 
Graduating students and their families will receive a formal invitation in September to October's commencement. Please reserve the date and time: Friday, October 10 at 2:00 PM. Graduates are welcome to bring as many guests as they would like to this very special celebration of students' academic achievement at FHCI. I have sent a number of emails directly to Grade 12 students. Please check with your child to ensure they have received email directly from me as that will ensure I have your child's correct email address or will give me a chance to update me email list for grads.



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