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Grade Nine
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On Wednesday, November 4, over 200,000 Grade 9 students across Canada will spend the day at work, job shadowing a parent, relative, friend or volunteer host. This is a great opportunity to participate in a shared experience with your child and discuss possible career paths based on actual experiences. This program is sponsored by "The Learning Partnership". You can read about the program at
Please return the permission form to the Period 1 teacher by Monday, October 26th.
All Grade 9 students will participate in this program. Where possible, parents invite their own child to spend a day on the job. If you are unable to host your own child, there are still ways for your child to participate. Here are some suggestions:
·         Ask a relative, neighbour or family friend to host your child at his/her workplace.
·         Ask the parent of another Grade 9 student who is participating if your child could join him/her for the day.
·         Contact Ms. Papadopoulos by Monday, October 26th to ask for assistance in finding a suitable placement.
Thank you for your support of "Take Our Kids to Work Day."


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