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If your child will be absent from class, please contact the office by phone or email prior to the missed class(es). In addition, if a student needs to leave school during the day, they are to first come to the office to sign out and we will contact you. This is a requirement of students in all grades.
Please note:

As we head into the final week of school before the holidays, please note that students are expected to be in full attendance until the end of classes on December 18. It is “business as usual” this week at FHCI. Teachers will continue to deliver curriculum and assess student work up to and including the last day of classes on Friday. Please support the efforts of the teachers by ensuring your child is present for the full day on Friday.

• Congratulations to Spencer Spiegelman and his team at the “Young Innovators Boot Camp” held last week at Scarlett Heights Entrepreneurial Academy. In all, four FHCI students participated in the week's activities. Spencer’s team competed against 11 other teams to develop a product and business plan for the next millennium. After presentations and judging, Spencer and his team won the competition with their project, ‘Nanobots”.
• Thank you to the FHCI drama students and Ms. Roca who entertained us all on Friday in the performances of “Storm 2”. The series of original, short plays, written by FHCI students, were a delight to watch. They plays sparked a whole range of emotions as their stories unfolded.  Every aspect of the production—acting, costumes, props, lighting, sound, makeup—were all first rate!
• A ‘shout out’ to the Social Action Team and the Student Council for their recent charitable initiatives, demonstrating clearly our school motto of “Not for Ourselves Alone.”
• Are you ‘solid or stripes’? Did you order you FHCI toques yet? I have attached an order form for you with pictures of both styles. Orders will be taken until Wednesday next week for delivery in early January.
Upcoming at FHCI…
1. Locker Clean Out: Monday, December 14
Students will be given time during class to discard unwanted contents (papers, uneaten food, etc.) from their lockers.
2. Regular Schedule: Tuesday, December 15
Classes run on regular times, (9:00 to 3:20 PM)
3. EQAO Numeracy Practice: Thursday, December 17, Period 3
All students in Grade 9 Mathematics in Semester 1 will participate in a practice test in preparation for January’s EQAO test on the whole Grade 9 course.
4. Pancake Breakfast: Friday, December 18
Staff, Student Council and Prefects will be serving pancakes in the Cafeteria from 8:30 to 9:30 AM. The schedule for the day is:
Period 1   9:30    -    10:40
Period 2  10:45   -    11:55
Lunch     1:55     -    12:55
Period 3  12:55   -      2:05
Period 4   2:20    -      3:20
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